Miss and don’t miss; love and don’t love

Things I miss:

The sound of the bus going by my house. Riding the 7.

The empty sink and lack of dishes.

Everything Marvel, ice cream, and chocolate chip banana bread.

Memories of friends in my Hyde Park house.

Long nights of Catan and Escape.

Burnt orange, everywhere.

Texas. The tower. The capitol.

My 15 minute commute from my house to the capital.

Having tea with family.

Rachael’s office. Discipleship group. Wesley worship.

My family, my cat.

Staying up late and reading a book.

Texas gas prices.

Church family. Youth group.

Mangonadas, elotes, pineapple tamales, and nopales with my other family.

Spicy food.

Late night trips to HEB. Man, do I miss HEB.

Learning in a classroom setting. Questioning.

Things I do not miss:

12 page essays.

Wrist cramps from typing too much.

Being alone in an empty house and knowing no one else is coming home.

Fear of the future.

Thinking this program was a bad idea.

Anxiety about leaving my home for this adventure.

Questioning everything.

Things I love:

Nerdy coworkers. Teamwork.

Seeing people how God sees people.

Playing, making, sharing music.

The smiles of the community. The tears and the heartache. Shared emotions and feelings.

Riding the bus with a companion.

Riding the bus and watching the sun rise.

There’s always someone around at the house.

God’s sense of humor.

Having keys to a church.

Working at a church.

Waking up early. Enjoying the morning.

Feelings of accomplishment when I make it home via MARTA.

The weather. Fall is a thing.

Things I do not love:

Random strangers calling me beautiful. Ugh.

Waiting for the bus to go home at Five Points.

The stares that ask, “Why are you here? You don’t belong here.”

Being so tired by 8:30pm.

The weather. It’s going to be so cold. I’m such a wimp.















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One response to “Miss and don’t miss; love and don’t love

  1. Jason

    Anywhere you go, there will always be things you miss, things you don’t miss, things you love, and things you don’t love. It’s what makes life interesting, all of that stuff. Proud of you and excited to see you soon!!!!


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