Leaving Home to go Home

Well, my two week break from work has almost come to a close. I’ve been able to rest, adjust back to sleeping in until 8 vs. 5:40AM, spend time with family, and eat all sorts of food. I’m blessed to have spent time with my family and friends. Here are a few pictures from my vacation!


Christmas Eve at the Harrell’s house. A tradition in our family!


Jenny and I helped my sister Laura and her husband Jason move into their new house. We also hit up some tourist locations in Waco!


Playing with my new cat friend, Daisy. Yes, that is a piece of tape stuck to a string, her favorite toy! Also, note the shorts… winter in Texas!


Then and now with my favorite Merry cat!

During this time, I’ve reflected on what it means for me to be home. As I type this, I am sitting in my living room, the place where I’ve experienced a lot! I’ve been blessed to live in this house my whole life. Memories I’ve had as a child come and go as I pass through this house. The walls, furniture, floors, and the sounds may have changed, but the people who live in this house are still the same. My sisters and I may come and go, but my parents are here, and so is my cat Merry. This is my safe place, my haven. Memories of my grandparents visiting, late night sleepovers, and times of despair and pain are present, but I have grown and changed as I come back to this place.

I was able to recently visit one of my “homes” in Bristol, TN, and I had those same flashback moments as I spent time in a place I had been to almost every summer. I know that one day I won’t be able to come back here to my home in Houston, or even to the one in Bristol, but for the time being, I can soak it all in and enjoy the history of these houses and have new memories with my family.

Even though I am about to leave home for Atlanta tomorrow, in my mind, I am going back “home.” Home to my roommates, my job, my church community. It is the place I’ve been able to call “home” for the past few months. I miss my¬†instruments and my paint chip walls of my room in the Blurple house, and (I can’t believe I would ever say this) I actually miss my early morning bus commute! I miss the endearing qualities of the Blurple house and even though it can be freezing, I still love it. I am ready to get back to experiencing things in community, like having tea with my roommates from the stove kettle, making dinner together, movie nights, and Tuesday community nights.

I am also ready to get back to work and see all of my Mercy friends. Although I experienced quite a few Terrible Thursdays and emotional times at work before I left, I feel rested and ready to be doing meaningful things. I am ready to worship, make coffee and soup, pray, and love my brothers and sisters in Christ.

I have found my “homes” to be places where there is love, family, and experiences. Family doesn’t necessarily have to be blood related. I find myself at home here in my Houston house, but I now have a new home in Waco. I have a home in Atlanta with a community of sisters and I have a home at work in community of my Mercy family. Overall, I am grateful that God has blessed me with many places of comfort, many “homes,” and they don’t all have to be in the form of a house or an apartment.


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